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Power Diet Food of the day!

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We all know what to eat and not but most of us don’t know where to get it and what kind of form it takes place. Here is today’s Power Diet Food!

A bowl of WHITE RICE.

A pair of chicken breasts meat with some gizzard.

This is how I alter a daily meal into a diet food. Soy sauce, which is sodium, causes excessive water retention. Now, we do not want 2 things under our skin. Fat AND water. They both give off the same effect. We’ll look bloated/chubby/thick, whatever you call it. I chose white rice because it does not posses excess fat. The delicious yellow rice that everyone eats is cooked together with saturated chicken fat and probably margarine/butter as well. Carbohydrates are not fattening. Only when coupled with fats in a meal, it is fattening. Remember the lipolysis and insulin rule? Got insulin, no lipolysis. Excess dietary fat are stored when carbohydrate and fat are taken together.

Analysis: A pair of chicken breast probably has 24grams of protein, coupled with a white bowl of rice which is roughly 250Kcal. The gizzard is considered negligible. 24grams of chicken breast would probably be 150Kcal. All in it’s 400kcal only! Then again, recent studies have shown that our body responds differently protein, carbohydrate and fat calories. It applies to the different glycemic index carbohydrates too.

Oh btw, this chicken rice stall is at Kepong. The whole meal costs RM 7.50! Way cheaper than anywhere else! GOD, the aunt loves me!

So before you go shutting down carbohydrate intakes, think twice! Power Diet Food consist EITHER FAT OR CARBOHYDRATE in one sitting.

A classic post from my old blog. (edited)

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Stand Up Tall.

I heard plenty of bullshits today. Too many. It disrupted my hardcore shoulder training. This is why I should wear an MP4 player to the gym but the problem is, it looks like I’m a poser.

Case 1.

There’s this dude in my gym, whom I have nicknamed him Teddy Bear. He looks like a teddy bear, hoisting weights far too heavy for him and look the same all year round. My training partner who is almost 20kg lighter than him has the same strength as him. But anyway, the teddy bear came to disrupt my training with this bullshit.

teddy bear: eh Jay, i lost 2 kg of fat and i put on 3 kg of muscles last month u know?! I managed to put on 7kg of muscles in 3 months!!

Of course I told him to keep up the good work but, come on. He worships the fat percentage weighing machine. I could have told him off that the feet platform is covered with all sorts of germs. I could have explained the million of factors of inaccuracy the machine has. I always tell people who want to lose weight to go by the mirror and the measuring tape, not the scale. Weight fluctuates over the day, the more reason why it is too inaccurate to depend on. However, the variables can be minimized with a trained skills. He should have stood up tall.

Case 2.

There’s this thin fucker(if you dun die a virgin, you’re a fucker) who has only 2 months of gym experience tells me that if anyone messes with him, they mess with his entire group of friends. OH I MUST CURSE, I’M SORRY. FUCK!! I HATE THESE KIND OF PEOPLE. DON’T EVER SAY “IF U MESS WITH ME, U MESS WITH ALL MY FRIENDS”. That just shows how small ur penis is. How insecure u are with urself. How low self-esteem u have that u need to borrow others. NEVER, ever say that, everybody. If you’re planning to do something bad, DON’T ever involve ur friends. If you’re planning to do something good, involve as many as possible. That’s my rule of thumb in my life. I could kill 10 people by myself, if I’ve got no one to love me anymore, no more money, no more food, no more heart, nothing left. Why, I could even kill 100 for all I care. But the truth is, I’ve got too much in life to lose by doing something stupid. Stand up tall for urself. Have some respect for urself before u say,”u mess with me, u mess with my friends.”I just laughed at his stupidity, which he mistaken that i looked up to his power. Just the way i wanted it. (edit: HAHAHAHA I never knew I wrote that! I’m keeping this paragraph unedited for sheer entertainment!)

Case 3.

Bodybuilding supplements. The lie: take more, better results. The truth: take less, better results. This is all about the homeostasis shit thing which I don’t want to explain for the 100000th time. There’s a person who’s on 2 different types of hormone stimulator, creatine, nitric oxide, protein, multi-vitamins and amino acids for 4 months and still look the same. Stand up for urself. Supplements are mend to supply the deficient ONLY.

I’ve been standing up tall for myself for almost a year since I’ve got my whole life trashed up. Here I am, almost at the finishing line (edit: come to think of it, there is no finishing line). My drive and urge is short of glory like i used to be but I’m always bluffing myself that it was only yesterday that I was that piece of trash. Day in day out, the only battle that really matters is between my body and my mind. Stand up tall and face the truth. It will never be too good so keep striving.

Not crazy.

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Many of you might think I’m a crazy gym goer who only knows how to scream in the gym and act all tough like an animal. No I’m not. Infact, I packed my gym stuffs and got ready to go to the gym but instead, I made a detour.

I went for the optical fair only. It’s pretty much obvious where it is held. I’m an optometry student for those who didn’t know. Optometrist are primary visual health-care practitioners. In simple terms, when you have problems in vision (or in worse cases, physical mishaps), we are the front line of people who are going to tell you the bad news. We diagnose, then prescribe your treatment and then perform follow-ups.

Check in counter with the other 2 companinons.

Funny stuffs that I could extort you with when I become an optometrist.

L-R : Vivien, Connie

And we went to Senjyu (previously Genki sushi) in Sunway Pyramid (duh).

RM6 for the black-ringed plate. I have eaten the other half.

And that’s the reason why we went there! Price is much higher than a fast-food jap restaurant but when you do your calculations backwards, it is actually cheaper than most places. I’ll definitely go back there. The ambience and decoration is great! No pictures for you, thought it’d be great as a surprise.


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I have always been envious of people who have big muscles. It’s not as superficial as you think it is. What I see are life-drilling determination, sweat-drenching efforts and nerve-of-steel focus. I feel them. I can relate. Here’s one superman I’d like to introduce.

That dude in black is Sassan, from Iran. He’s a 1986 baby. No bullshit! No, steroids didn’t bring him to where he is. It was his hardwork. It is people like these that keep me motivated to go on. You’ll never know what the other side of the world is up to. Oh by the way, he is one of the famous yellow man for digi. He is the commander in those episodes where the yellow men were undergoing military training.

And time for some motivation!

This goes out to all those who wants a change in life. It is always better late than never. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to show off. Infact being an egoistic person, I thought a million times before posting up such a fugly photo. Then again, I hope it reaches out in the right direction. Good Day!

Picture Panic!

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Life isn’t all about weights and reps, sweat and pain. So I had a blast at BAR Celona on Thursday Night with Audrey and her friends. We reached late but it was worthwhile. Had a simple DJ-hyped dance competition, giving away RM500 and a bottle of god-knows-wat. As usual, the infamous booty shaking exhibition on top of bar counters followed up.

Me and Audrey.

We opened 3… not bottles but boxes of 1-sliced cakes. It was for the farewell girl Ms. Tracy.

L-R : Siew Fei, Tracy, Audrey, Cindy

*Really really nice, polite girls.

So it was just another normal Friday morning the next day. A pursuit for 190km/h to reach class on time just couldn’t be anymore fun.

L-R : Fiona the nicest know-it-all girl for real, Christina the outstanding class monitor.

L-R : Vivien, Connie, Fiona

*Flower that have yet to blossom!

L-R : Puisee, Diane, Fiona (again and again!)

*Lovely lovely people!

L-R : Vivien who haven’t eaten in 10 years, MR JASON.

*They are an official couple.

That stare could only say 1 thing. My f*cking partner in crimes like stealing stuffs, disturbing other classmates and even not taking things seriously when dealing with other people’s eyeballs! He doesn’t get caught sleeping in class. I, on the other hand, had a longest run of 3 seconds before being noticed.  Overall he seems gay but all the more reason why we like him!

More picture updates to come!

The Twist and Turn between Fitness and Bodybuilding.

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Just imagine a scale, stretching far east to west. At east corner stands ‘Functional training to improve handling of physical tasks’. At the other one, it says ‘Repetitious-like training to increase aesthetic in terms of muscle proportion in size and definition’. When talking about fitness, one would have the mindset of the east corner. When one wants to build a beach-body or fight-club’s Brad Pitt one would think about the west end instead. So, can one have an aesthetic body which functions just like a world class athlete? Well, can a doctor go for a lawyer’s degree? Yes, it is possible. It depends on how much time and effort one puts in. The comparison was stated. Yoga stands towards the functional athletes’ side. All those hot models who did yoga didn’t tell you they have training experiences with other sports and even if they did achieve such body through yoga only, it took quite long. The effort versus result are not justifiable in my sense.


I have been approached, confronted and consulted many times like these.

Mythical believe 1: Eh! You build so big then become not flexible already la.

Fact is: Firstly, I’m not big. You have yet to seen better and bigger ones. Secondly, flexibility and muscle doesn’t contradict each other provided a simple add-on is done at every training session. It’s called stretching exercises. World class gymnasts are the greatest examples.

Mythical believe 2: Eh! You build so big, you can run ah?

Fact is: Which one is faster, a lawn mower’s engine or a Ferrari’s engine? A Ferrari’s engine is many times bigger and even more times faster. Muscles = Power = Sprint = Speed. Nuff’ said.

Mythical believe 3: You take steroids ah?

Fact is: If you really thought I did, I’ll sincerely take it as a complement. It’s like asking a super model with a pretty face and nice boobs if she has done any plastic surgery, when the truth is she doesn’t. I used to feel offended. Now, I’m rather flattered. =)

Mythical believe 4: You take a lot of supplements ah?
Fact is: Yes, last time. Now, no. I have been using the staples like fish oils, protein powders and multi vitamins only. Progress is better now actually. I used to be like a rich, spendthrift tycoon investing in every investment plan there is out there to profit the most and fastest. Now, I like to think of myself as rich, very stingy tycoon who emphasizes on strategies, planning and minimizing the expenses. When it comes to the body, more isn’t better. The body is a survival tool. Anything above their limits will be dealt in terms of excretion and suppression.

Mythical believe 5: You go gym only 2.5 years ah? Really ah?

Fact is: My membership is turning 3 years old in few days time. I had 6 months of lay off due to an emotional breakdown. 2.5 years also accounts for the period I had to start below par. So to say, 2.5 years is actually a comfortable speed.

Mythical believe 6: You strong ah? Let’s arm wrestle.
Fact is: Yes I’m strong. Much stronger than an average person. Sitting at a comfortable 67kg bodyweight, I bench 120kg easily for a rep. But I don’t arm wrestle. Arm wrestling requires training of proper techniques. Failure to achieve proper techniques and coupled with brute strength only lead to a bone-breaking, friend-laughing experience.


And my personal favourite,

Mythical Believe 7: Your arms too big for your body already la. Your head looks small.
Fact is: In Malaysia, it is common for guys to have smaller limbs, smaller torsos and bigger heads. That sets the standard for a Malaysian body built. However in Iran, my so-called big arms are quite common among them and there have been news like a 15 years old already own such arms. Why should we submit to things like ‘their genes different mah’? See, I’m a fighter, I’m a challenger. I don’t submit so easily. Not even after getting rolled over by a car (for those who didn’t know, I really did get rolled over at the arm).